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Don't restart your virtual environment session.
you will lose history and progress.


Session Timer:

Once the hackathon session starts, the timer will begin. Please note that the time allotted for the session is fixed and cannot be extended.

Session Joining:

You have the flexibility to leave the session in between and rejoin as needed. However, it’s important to remember that the timer will continue running even if you temporarily exit the session. Please note that when you rejoin, it will start a new session, and you will lose your previous terminal session.

Debugging Tools:

Participants are allowed to use any debugging tool of their choice, including gdb and udb. However, we highly recommend using UDB (Undo Debugging) for an optimized debugging experience.

Closing the Session:

You have the freedom to close the session at any time during the hackathon if needed. Please ensure that you have completed the required tasks and submitted your final answer before closing the session.

Submission of Answers:

Once you have completed the debugging task, please submit your final answer using the below provided form. It’s crucial to submit your answer within the given timeframe. Failure to submit will result in your task being marked as incomplete.

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Code of Conduct:

All participants are expected to adhere to a code of conduct throughout the hackathon. Respectful and professional behavior towards fellow participants, organizers, and the platform is mandatory. Any violation of the code of conduct may result in disqualification from the competition. Read Code of Conduct

Collaboration and Assistance:

Plagiarism, unauthorized sharing of code or answers, or any form of cheating will not be tolerated. Any violation of these rules will result in immediate disqualification.

Respecting Intellectual Property:

Participants must respect intellectual property rights and use only legally obtained resources and tools. Any infringement or misuse of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.


Participants are expected to maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information shared during the hackathon. Sharing such information with unauthorized individuals or entities is strictly prohibited.

Technical Issues:

In the event of any technical issues or platform-related problems, please reach out to the designated support team for assistance. We will do our best to resolve any issues promptly.

Review and Evaluation:

The submitted answers will undergo a thorough review and evaluation process by our esteemed panel of judges. The judges’ decision will be final and binding.

How to build the code?

  • cd /home/labuser/TTDHackathon
  • make

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UDB Ref guide

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