About CppIndia

Who Are We?

CppIndia is a community for developers having mutual interest in C++. Here, you can find a welcoming space to learn and discuss C++.

What is our vision?

Currently, in India, there isn’t a common platform which brings together people from all walks of life(students to new graduates to experienced developers) wherein they can connect, share and discuss their C++ queries.

This would be a great opportunity to bring developers working with C++ language under a single roof from all over India so that they can share their experiences and learn from each other which in turn will grow this community.

We want to create an ecosystem for C++ developers and companies who work in C++ so that they come to CppIndia for any of their C++ related queries or requirements.

What Do We Do?

We provide:

  • Welcoming space for people to discuss & learn C++.
  • Community tech-talks on every alternate Saturday.
  • Guidance to junior programmers to get started.
  • Help to each other in job search & opportunities.
  • Provide a space for companies to find a best C++ candicate.

We are always open to new ways of thinking!

How frequently do we organize meetups/sessions?

We do a meetup on every alternate Saturday which is approximately twice a month.

Each session is of 60 mins and can be extended by additional 15-20 mins depending on the topic.

We also have a Discord channel so that people can interact with each other and ask their queries.

What You Can Do?

Everyone can help in one way or another to make the C++ community more complete. May we suggest:

  • Present on any C++ topic in community tech-talk.
  • Helps organizers to organize community discussion/tech-talks.
  • Read our resources, and let us know about anything that’s worth adding.
  • Join our Discord server.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Subscribe and share our Youtube Channel
  • Spread the words.