Community Tech-Talks 2021

Date Topic Presenter Resources
2021-12-04 Secure C++ Practices from the Automotive Industry Sabariesh Ganesan video, slides
2021-11-06 Windows, MacOS and the Web: Lessons from cross-platform development Sebastian Theophil video, slides
2021-10-09 Royal Code Roast - Session 3 stfu video,
2021-09-25 Royal Code Roast - Session 2 Punky GitRepo video,
2021-09-11 Easing into Concepts Kashish Nagpal video, slides
2021-08-28 P.3 Express Intent (1 of N) Ankur Satle video, slides
2021-07-03 AMA with Bryce Adelstein Lelbach Bryce Adelstein Lelbach video
2021-06-19 Writing Better C++ Vishal Chovatiya video, slides
2021-06-05 Cool Compiler Tidbits - Clever Things Your Compiler Does For You Matt Godbolt video, slides
2021-05-22 SIMD and Auto-Vectorization Mahendra Garodi video, slides
2021-05-08 HPX For Dummies Nikunj Gupta video, slides
2021-04-24 Memory Management and File IO Guy Davidson video, slides
2021-02-27 Overview of Asynchronous Programming Hemil Ruparel video, slides
2021-02-13 Love-Hate Relationships in C++ Ankur Satle video, slides
2021-01-16 Dependency Management for C++ Applications using CMake & Conan - Part 2 Kunal Sharma video, slides