Community Tech-Talks 2023

Date Topic Presenter Resources
2023-12-02 Nominate Yourself    
2023-11-04 Nominate Yourself    
2023-10-07 Nominate Yourself    
2023-09-02 Beyond Union: Exploring Practical Applications of std::variant and std::any Mahendra Garodi [TBD]
2023-03-25 P.3 Express Intent - 2 of N Ankur Satle video, slides
2023-03-11 C++ Constants: The ‘const’ly Evolving Story Mahendra Garodi video, slides
2023-02-04 Fireside Chat CppIndia video, slides
2023-01-21 Concurrency in C++ Dheeraj Jha video, slides
2023-01-07 Architectural Concurrency Pattern - Active Object Selvakumar Jawahar video, slides