Community Tech-Talks 2022

Date Topic Presenter Resources
2022-12-10 Concise C++: Generic Programming without explicit templates Ankur Satle video
2022-11-26 Spaceship Operator Mahendra Garodi video
2022-11-12 C++, A Compilers Perspective Ratnesh Tiwari video, slides
2022-10-15 C++, A Compilers Perspective Darshan Bhat video, slides
2022-10-01 Thinking in Classes Dheeraj Jha video, slides
2022-09-17 How to create your own programming language Hemil Ruparel video, slides
2022-06-18 Unix-style | Composable | Operations | in | C++ Ankur Satle video, slides
2022-06-04 Tricky Interview Questions - 2 Fireside Chat video
2022-05-21 N-Lighting Talks - TDD - The Bad Parts Hemil Ruparel video, slides
2022-05-21 N-Lighting Talks - Exploring the Compiler Explorer Kashish Nagpal video, slides
2022-05-21 N-Lighting Talks - Tips for C++ Development Shivam Prasad video, slides
2022-05-07 The Tragedy of Testing Hemil Ruparel video, slides
2022-04-23 N-Lighting Talks - What do I think while designing an API/Function? Dheeraj Jha video, slides
2022-04-23 N-Lighting Talks - Performance Analysis using Flamegraph Mahendra Garodi video
2022-03-26 Tricky Interview Questions Fireside Chat video
2022-03-12 The Secret Life of Numbers John McFarlane video, slides
2022-02-26 Let’s have a SOLID start: SOLID Principles Unleashed Honey Sukesan video, slides
2022-02-12 Async in C++ Oliver Esser video
2022-01-29 How to approach learning C++? Slobodan Dmitrovic video, slides
2022-01-15 The performance price of virtual functions in C++ Ivica Bogosavljević video, slides