Networking during CppIndiaCon


Discord is our networking platform for CppIndiaCon 2023. Please join the server in advance and familiarize yourself.

During this conference, you will see several text channels and voice/video/screen sharing tables.

What’s on Q&A Stage?

Get in touch with the Speaker and other community members to ask your queries and share your thoughts.

How to join Q&A stage?

How to join QnA Stage

What’s on networking table?

Get in touch with other community members and share thoughts.

How to join and switch tables?

How to join table

How to share screen?

How to share screen

How to chat in discord voice channel?

How to chat in discord voice channel

What’s in #welcome-rules-and-coc?

This is an important channel. It is highly recommended to read the rules pinned in this channel.

What’s in #announcement?

This is readonly channel. CppIndia will make announcements here throughout the day. Keep watching this channel.

What’s in #conference-help?

You can ask any queries or doubts related to any of the talks or sessions from the Conference. Have a question for the speaker, or got a problem? Message here, we will try to resolve it asap.

What’s in #code-of-conduct?

If you see any happening in the conference which do not follow our code of conduct, please report in this channel.

What’s in #cpp-discussion?

You can discuss any C++ related topic here.

What’s in #contest-cpp-trivia?

There will be a C++ trivia contest will be running throughout the day. We will be posting questions(puzzles, MCQ, design questions, etc.), for discussion. Anyone can share their opinions or what they understand on that topic. At the end of the day, winners will be announced.

What’s in #show-and-tell?

Use the channel to show case any of your project, work, YouTube channel, Podcast etc. Self-Promotions.

What’s in #recently-i-learned?

Let the whole community know, what you learnt recently?

What’s in #find-a-buddy?

Looking for some partner to work on some project? Finding a mentor? want to hangout? Facing some issue, need some help? This is the place to let community know about your requirement(s).

What’s in #performance-optimization-techniques?

Discuss the performance optimization in the C++ project. Share your knowledge and the techniques you use.

What are sponsor’s channels?

What are [Tables] voice channels?

There are few open voice tables for networking. Use these to interact with other members. This is one of the best part of any conference. Don’t miss to grab this opportunity.

What’s in #compile_my_code?

Use this channel to test and compile your code. Read this link to know how to use compiler bot.

How to compile code

What’s in the #new-member-introduction?

Let us all know about what a great personality you have! Maybe you can find people with similar interests here, or can make new connections. Please introduce yourself, we love getting to know new people.

Here’s a basic template what you can use to tell us about yourself:

  • Your location.
  • What are you currently doing (Working Professional/Student/Other)
  • Your hobbies/interests.
  • Profile or portfolio links.