Ankur Satle

Ankur Satle

Ankur Satle is an Architect working on Telecom products at EXFO. He has extensively worked on high-performance VoIP, 3G/4G/IMS protocols, Network Monitoring, OSS/BSS monolith & distributed systems in his 18+ years of experience.

He is a strong proponent of building functionality as build-once-and-use-everywhere libraries and building software capital on Open-source or InnerSource. He greatly values implementations that are easy-to-use-correctly, correct-by-construction, and minimalistic-that-enables-change. Distributed Architecture, Cloud Technologies and DevOps fascinate him. He holds a B. Tech. in Electronics and Telecom and a Post-graduate Diploma in Software Technology. An engineer at heart, he has a strong optimisation focus, using less resources and minimalism. No wonder, C++ is his favourite tool. He has a multi-codebase modernisation experience.

He loves learning languages - natural languages :). He has a fair grip on a few Indian languages and is currently learning French. A father of two, he loves outdoor activities and talking about cosmology with children. He loves playing football and watching thrillers & mystery movies. He is constantly learning something or the other, you may often find.

If you attended any CppIndia Tech-Talk, you will find him there hosting and sharing his thoughts. He is an active Organizer, Presenter and Maintainer at CppIndia. You can check out his talks from Cppcon 2020 and CppIndia on YouTube.

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