The C++ conference of India.


CppIndiaCon is the first International conference hosted by the CppIndia community.

The conference is scheduled for 15th of August, 2021 which is CppIndia’s first anniversary as a C++ community and also the Indian Independence Day.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this conference will happen virtually. We have chosen to host this conference on Zoom Webinar, which is a very popular tool for meeting and conferences these days.

CppIndiaCon is a free online conference with 6 talks from renowned experts in a single track.

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The conference will start at 10:00 AM IST. Use this to check time in your time zone.

We’re pleased to have Jon Kalb as a Keynote speaker. His talk is going to present a horizontal perspective about the beast that is C++.

C++ Today: The Beast is Back.

There will be a healthy mix of people with varying level of experience: from industry practitioners to undergraduate students. Participants will get to meet interesting people, network and learn from each other.

This conference is free to attend but requires mandatory registration.

If you want to attend this conference, please register here.

This conference will also give you an opportunity to network with other attendees in the conference.

We will be using Discord for networking. There will be many voice tables, open for you to join and discuss with other members on this table.

About CppIndia

CppIndia is a community for developers having a mutual interest in C++. Here, you can find a welcoming space to learn and discuss C++.

To know more about CppIndia as a community, its vision, and how it works, check out our About Us page.