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How to sponsor CppIndia

Sponsoring CppIndia means most likely to host one of our events or provide some platform. All we need is a platform for presentations and some goodies for the social part of the event.

If you would like to sponsor an event, but do not have a suitable platform, contact us anyway. Very likely we can help in that.

Our events happen on alternate Saturday at 11:00 AM IST(online, we started in 2020. Hope you understand).

Sponsor’s Catagory

  • Platinum - 20000/- INR for a year
  • Gold - 15000/- INR for a year
  • Silver - 10000/- INR for a year


  • Listed as our group sponsor on our website.
  • Thanked in emails/announcements of the meeting as Hosting Sponsor.
  • Sponsors are welcome to distribute swag to each attendee or through raffles.
  • Thanked as Hosting Sponsor at each meeting with a short sponsorship message.
  • If you have any open positions, we can announce that with a short message like “Currently looking for C++ developers.”
  • You can reach to a huge group of C++ developers in India.

Fill this form for any query. Drop us a mail at info@cppindia.co.in for more information.

Why sponsor CppIndia

CppIndia has a long-term mission to serve the needs of C++ developers in India and we are interested in partnering with companies that share that long-term vision. Supporting and sponsoring CppIndia delivers value to companies in our community in a number of ways.

Value directly to companies that sponsor or have employees speak:

Recruitment: Nothing makes a company more attractive to community members when considering employment options than to see long-term community support as a sponsor and to see knowledgeable speakers from that company talking about tackling challenging issues in interesting ways.

Image and awareness: Members will gain a favorable impression of sponsoring companies and companies with knowledgeable employees speaking.

Product exposure: Swag opportunities and presentations expose members to new products and ideas.

Community influence: Presenting provides the opportunity to influence community thinking about tools, processes, libraries, and features.

Giving back: Sponsoring is a great way to support the community and be seen doing so.

Value to employees as attendees or speakers:

Better training: Employees that attend are better informed about best practices and new features and tools.

Better engagement: Employees that attend have higher morale and are excited about applying what they’ve learned.

Develop expertise: Researching a topic for a presentation is a valuable learning experience.

Better leaders: Employees that participate as group speakers or organizers are learning leadership skills not always available in their regular roles.

Feel free to contact us if you need more detailed information.



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