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Who Are We?

CppIndia is a community for developers having mutual interest in C++. Here, you can find a welcoming space to learn and discuss C++.

Our goal is to connect the like-minded people and share the knowledge. We work hard to connect people and provide a platform that helps. Our community communication platform is Discord server. Join us to discuss and learn C++ in a welcoming & inclusive space.

What Do We Do?

We provide:

  • Welcoming space for people to discuss & learn C++.
  • Community tech-talks once/twice a month.
  • Guidance to junior programmers to get started.
  • Help to each other in job search & opportunities.

We are always open to new ways of thinking!

What You Can Do?

Everyone can help in one way or another to make the C++ community more complete.

May we suggest:

  • Present on any C++ topic in community tech-talk.
  • Helps organizers to organize community discussion/tech-talks.
  • Read our resources, and let us know about anything that’s worth adding.
  • Join our Discord server.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn.
  • Spread the words.

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